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Clinical and Sports Nutritionist in Sunshine Coast/Noosa Area, Queensland, Australia

Dr. Ian Gillam Consulting

Dr Ian Gillam

A Clinical and Sports Nutritionist, an ESSA accredited exercise physiologist (AEP) and a Level 2 sports scientist (ASpS2) with over 18 years’ experience providing nutrition and clinical exercise physiology services in a variety of large, multidisciplinary medical and allied health clinics in Sunshine Coast/Noosa Area, Queensland, Australia.

Ms Maryanne Long

Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Pilates Instructor, Hydrotherapist and Masters Swimmer

John Carson


After suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome by a doctor specialised in the field, I was eventually referred Dr Gillam. With Ian's positive guidance and support, a change in diet and nutrition, I began to show the signs of a recovery within a relatively short period of time and almost fully recover from my fatigue and poor health within 12-18 months. This enabled me to return to full-time work and resume an active lifestyle. Thank you Ian

Larry Stenswick


Enzo Nutraceuticals manufactures dietary supplements products, based on a patented pine bark extract, called Enzogenol, which is distributed throughout the world. We were invited by one of key supporters to arrange an after dinner speaker for a class reunion for the Singapore Medical School. As he was the organiser of the event the success of the speaker would reflect on him. We contacted Dr Ian Gillam to develop and present this talk which was to intellectually interesting to a medical audience, as well as being entertaining, medical audience, as well as being entertaining, which is always a challenge. Ian crafted and exceptionally well-received talk on "Extreme Sports" by drawing on his experience in Australian Rules Football by linking this to his research on oxidative stress, with some usurped clips on action in AFL football. The organiser was effusive in his praise of Ian and his talk, that was pitched at just the right level for the audience and was especially pleased with the pace and humour in the talk. We would highly recommend Ian as a speaker.

Sasha Bondarenko

Sasha Bondarenko National level road cyclist and former Australian representative and professional triathlete. In 2014, while competing in Spain as a professional triathlete/duathlete, I became very ill and was certainly not competing well. Unable to get appropriate medical help in Europe, I was referred to Dr. Ian Gillam Melbourne, who in conjunction with. Sports and Exercise Physician Dr Peter Fuller, undertook a series of pathology tests, which showed evidence of an “overtraining syndrome”. Ian using a holistic combination of nutritional and exercise interventions over a period of 12 months. I returned to sport to compete in road cycling at a high level and have now achieved a number of podium results on the National road circuit. I credit Ian for my recovery and his continued support to maintain my health while I strive for future success in road cycling. Sasha Bondarenko, National level road cyclist and former Australian representative and professional triathlete.