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Are you looking for an experienced yet entertaining presenter on sport, exercise and health and nutrition and fitness for your next Company function or work seminar?

One who is not only knowledgeable, well researched but one with coal-face sports experience in elite sport and a speaker can relate to any audience?  Ian is all of that ….  and more!!

Dr Gillam is an experienced and acclaimed keynote speaker, seminar chairperson, conference coordinator and presenter at National and International Conferences in Sports Medicine, corporate and workplace seminars and events.  He is regularly invited to present at company health practitioner in-service seminars and a writer of continuing education courses in exercise medicine for medical practitioners for many exercise and fitness magazines and publications.

Dr. Ian Gillam Consulting

Ian has won three research awards, including the best paper presented at for his presentations at the Sports Medicine Australia’s National Conference in Sports Science at Medicine.

He is a regular media commentator on topics related to sports and exercise science, nutrition, fitness and health for Sports Medicine Australia and Exercise and Sports Science Australia, including some being invited to comment on some of sports most reported events in the last 5 years.

Ian has been a regular radio presenter “the Science of Fitness” for Melbourne radio station SEN 1116 and is regularly interviewed on ABC National and other commercial radio stations.

Some selected presentations and published papers of general and practitioner interest include:

General Interest: Exercise, Nutrition, Health and Sport

  • Gillam I. Success story:  How exercise physiologists improve the health of Australians.  Brit J Sports Med 49: 1 March, 2015

  • Gillam I.  The Exercise Pill.  Sport Health 30 (1), Summer 2012

  • Gillam I. Does hypoxic and thermal stress enhance the training response in athletes and AFL footballers?  Sport Health 30 (4), 2012/13

  • Gillam I . Exercise is as effective as prescription drugs for most cardio-metabolic diseases: So why do medical practitioners not prescribe it?”  Aspetar Sports Medicine Journal, April 2015

  • Gillam I. Working as a sports science practitioner in an elite sport environment. Sport Health, Summer 31 (1), 2014

  • Gillam I. Series of Seminars/Workshops at Scalzo Foods as a component of the employee health program.   “Exercise for Health and performance”, “Nutrition for optimal health and performance”, “Maintaining back health and correct lifting techniques in the workplace”

  • Gillam I. Health and Wellness. The key to improving your productivity and performance.  Presented to Subaru Australia at the Annual Executive Health Retreat, Marysville

  • Gillam I. Metabolic Syndrome- The Lifestyle disease.  Integrating exercise and nutritional interventions to maximize client outcomes. National Roadshow and Workshop for Exercise and Sports Science Australia; Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth, Approved for CPD Points for Exercise Physiologists

  • Gillam, I. Staying Healthy with Diet and Exercise during the VCE Years.  Camberwell Girls Grammar School Parent Association, Guest speaker at the AGM, February 2005

  • Gillam I.  Lecturer in Executive and Preventive Health, and Sports Nutrition at Victoria University, Footscray Campus, Masters in Exercise Rehabilitation (2004-present)

Steve Bunce

CEO, National Institute of Integrative Medicine, Melbourne, Australia

From 2009 to 2016 Dr Ian Gillam practiced Exercise Physiology at the National Institute of Integrative Medicine (NIIM) in Melbourne. As an experienced and highly-skilled practitioner, Ian helped patients from a wide variety of backgrounds achieve their goals in rehabilitation, performance, weight loss, and longevity. Ian was instrumental in the establishment of the NIIM Executive Integrative Healthcheck, contributing his practical skills and extensive academic and research experience. In his role as Exercise Physiologist, Ian became the touchstone for our program’s elite clientele looking to improve their health and fitness, and reduce pain. The Healthcheck received overwhelmingly positive reviews and continues to grow today, providing comprehensive health assessment and guidance to the busy professional.

John Carson

Insurance broker

After suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome by a doctor specialised in the field, I was eventually referred Dr Gillam. With Ian's positive guidance and support, a change in diet and nutrition, I began to show the signs of a recovery within a relatively short period of time and almost fully recover from my fatigue and poor health within 12-18 months. This enabled me to return to full-time work and resume an active lifestyle. Thank you Ian

Larry Stenswick

CEO, Enzo Nutraceuticals Pty Ltd, Christchurch, New Zealand

Enzo Nutraceuticals manufactures dietary supplements products, based on a patented pine bark extract, called Enzogenol, which is distributed throughout the world. We were invited by one of key supporters to arrange an after dinner speaker for a class reunion for the Singapore Medical School. As he was the organiser of the event the success of the speaker would reflect on him. We contacted Dr Ian Gillam to develop and present this talk which was to intellectually interesting to a medical audience, as well as being entertaining, which is always a challenge. Ian crafted and exceptionally well-received talk on "Extreme Sports" by drawing on his experience in Australian Rules Football by linking this to his research on oxidative stress, with some usurped clips on action in AFL football. The organiser was effusive in his praise of Ian and his talk, that was pitched at just the right level for the audience and was especially pleased with the pace and humour in the talk. We would highly recommend Ian as a speaker.