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Nutrition Consulting and Products

Do you want to lead the rapidly expanding sports nutrition with new, innovative and exciting products?

Dr Ian Gillam has provided nutrition product consulting to over the past 20 years to some of Australia’s major practitioner and OTC nutrition brands and manufacturers, to develop and design new and innovative sports nutrition products that meet the needs of elite sportspeople and including individuals a range of clients with chronic conditions.  These companies include, Nutrition Care Pharmaceuticals, Musashi and Enzo Nutraceuticals, which based in New Zealand. 

These products have included sports drinks, products to reduce training fatigue and improve athlete recovery, nutritional products that support immune function.  As part of the development and marketing of these new products, Ian has been invited to presented numerous practitioner seminars outlining the research underlying these new products and their sports, exercise and clinical applications. 

Ian was the program developer, organiser, a keynote lecturer and chair of the two day Symposium on Advanced Sports Nutrition for Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (ACNEM), which was presented to over 60 medical practitioners.

Dr. Ian Gillam Consulting

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Would you like to be introduced you a new, high potency bioflavonoid pine bark based extract that can be used as an ingredient for new innovative nutrition products and that has yet to make it mark on the Australian market?

Enzo Nutraceuticals has developed Enzogenol®, a patented water extraction process to produce this extract from pine bark, which has been demontrated to have higher antioxidant and biological activity than is only other European market competitor but is significantly cheaper.

Enzogenol®contains a potent mixture of flavonoids and polyphenols, with extracts containing 60- 80% proanthocyanidins (OPCs), which have powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory actions and multifaceted therapeutic applications1,2,3.  Importantly, flavonoids, including the anthocyanidins, have been shown in-vivo to cross the blood-brain barrier producing important neuroprotective, neurodegenerative and cognitive effects4, 5.

Clinical studies on PBE’s, flavonoid supplementation and Enzogenol® have demonstrated

  • Improved cognitive function by increasing brain-derived neurotrophic factor6, resulting in improved attention, concentration and memory7

  • Improvements in recovery from traumatic brain injury, including cognitive failures, mental fatigue and sleep8, 9

  • A prophylactic therapy for patients with recalcitrant migraine by reducing headache severity and frequency10

  • Reductions in blood pressure and viscosity, and improved endothelial function and cardiovascular health11

  • Improved in blood glucose control, HbA1c, insulin and glucagon levels12

  • Reduced exercise-induced muscle and RBC damage and fatigue enhanced training recovery13.

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Steve Bunce

CEO, National Institute of Integrative Medicine, Melbourne, Australia

From 2009 to 2016 Dr Ian Gillam practiced Exercise Physiology at the National Institute of Integrative Medicine (NIIM) in Melbourne. As an experienced and highly-skilled practitioner, Ian helped patients from a wide variety of backgrounds achieve their goals in rehabilitation, performance, weight loss, and longevity. Ian was instrumental in the establishment of the NIIM Executive Integrative Healthcheck, contributing his practical skills and extensive academic and research experience. In his role as Exercise Physiologist, Ian became the touchstone for our program’s elite clientele looking to improve their health and fitness, and reduce pain. The Healthcheck received overwhelmingly positive reviews and continues to grow today, providing comprehensive health assessment and guidance to the busy professional.

John Carson

Insurance broker

After suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome by a doctor specialised in the field, I was eventually referred Dr Gillam. With Ian's positive guidance and support, a change in diet and nutrition, I began to show the signs of a recovery within a relatively short period of time and almost fully recover from my fatigue and poor health within 12-18 months. This enabled me to return to full-time work and resume an active lifestyle. Thank you Ian

Larry Stenswick

CEO, Enzo Nutraceuticals Pty Ltd, Christchurch, New Zealand

Enzo Nutraceuticals manufactures dietary supplements products, based on a patented pine bark extract, called Enzogenol, which is distributed throughout the world. We were invited by one of key supporters to arrange an after dinner speaker for a class reunion for the Singapore Medical School. As he was the organiser of the event the success of the speaker would reflect on him. We contacted Dr Ian Gillam to develop and present this talk which was to intellectually interesting to a medical audience, as well as being entertaining, which is always a challenge. Ian crafted and exceptionally well-received talk on "Extreme Sports" by drawing on his experience in Australian Rules Football by linking this to his research on oxidative stress, with some usurped clips on action in AFL football. The organiser was effusive in his praise of Ian and his talk, that was pitched at just the right level for the audience and was especially pleased with the pace and humour in the talk. We would highly recommend Ian as a speaker.